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POIÉMA by Kari Bachle (5" x 7" Print, Autographed!)

We'd like to invite you to bring this special piece of POIÉMA into YOUR creative zone, and let it remind you of your own unique design and mission. It's time to develop and release your gifts!! If not now, when?


This is a very special collaboration with Kari Bachle (@GraceRemembered on Instagram + Etsy), in celebration of releasing the music video, POIÉMA! For a limited time, you can purchase your own autographed 5"x 7" copy of this lovely watercolor painting that Kari painted that day at Santo Coffee Co during our video shoot. 


“Poiéma,” pronounced poy’-ay-mah, means workmanship, work of art in Greek (from which our English words poem and poetry are derived). 


We hope that you are freshly inspired every time you see this painting in your own home and creative zone! Friend, we each reflect the glory of our loving Potter, and He has given us unique talents and abilities that our world needs us to develop and express!



This would also make a meaningful gift. We hope you'll consider sharing this inspiring message of POIÉMA with someone you love!


POIÉMA by Kari Bachle (5" x 7" Print, Autographed!)

$24.99 Regular Price
$19.99Sale Price
  • I'd love to include a little note of greeting with this special edition POIÉMA art piece, as well! Please let me know if this is for yourself, or for a loved one. 

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