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Kelsey fell in love with music when she was very young, and was improvising songs even before she learned to read. At age five, she began classical piano training, and learned to balance form and technicality while developing her own voice as an artist.  Growing up, her family always had music playing in the house, and she spent a great deal of her childhood playing songs by ear. She also was captivated by the beautiful nostalgic melodies of jazz standards and the lush harmonies of classic musicals and old Disney movies, and enjoyed making her own arrangements. It was this love for improvising that led Kelsey to keep working at her own compositions, spending time “noodling” before and after her classical lessons growing up, in between worship practices at church, at home with friends and family during the holidays, etc. In junior high school, Kelsey began playing for weddings and other special events, sometimes playing with her sisters Courtney (violin) and Cayley (cello), who were at that time called “The Keogh Trio.”


Today, Kelsey is a sought-after pianist for weddings and private/corporate events in the greater Seattle area, and has been a regular performer at The Bellevue Collection, Canlis and the Space Needle. She has also been one of the featured pianists/vocalists in the annual Ten Grands show at the Benaroya Hall in Seattle since 2016. Kelsey likes to think of music as a bridge between herself and those she meets through performing. When she performs in public (such as at the mall in downtown Bellevue, WA), she especially enjoys moments with those who stop by the piano to listen. “I love it when visitors become friends who share how the music has impacted them, perhaps by reminding them of a loved one, or by giving them a sense of joy, peace and relaxation.” She also loves to encourage those who want to learn to play music, and hopes to inspire students of any instrument to keep their learning journey fun! 


In December 2019, Kelsey released her debut album of solo piano compositions, called “Poiéma | stories from the piano.” Kelsey has performed several of the songs in this album at various house concerts in the Seattle area over the past few years, and plans to give an official album release concert soon to celebrate this new release! Please subscribe to her email list to stay in the loop for details regarding her album release concert, as well as future news! 

Kelsey is a Whisperings Solo Piano Radio artist.

During the 2020 pandemic, Kelsey began a weekly live stream of relaxing piano music from her home studio, PEACEFUL PIANO LIVE. Each Thursday evening at 8pm (PST), she goes live to share her music and other favorite songs with friends and fans. She also enjoys talking with those who comment in the chat! Please join Kelsey for her next live stream! She would would love to see and hear from you.

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Recent Highlight University of WA

I did not take the typical educational path you'd expect as a professional pianist. I am truly grateful for the doors of opportunity my time at UW provided, and am honored that they wish to share my story.