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Welcome to P O I É M A

This music video is a living, breathing illustration of Kelsey's heart behind creating her album,

Poiéma | stories from the piano.

It is a milestone, and a labor of love.

It is a masterpiece dedicated to YOU.

P O I É M A is a story,

and it's about each of us.

The word poiéma, pronounced poy’-ay-mah, means workmanship, work of art in Greek (from which our English words poem and poetry are derived).

I invite you to join me on this journey where the beauty unfolds within the realm of the piano in a grand home estate and the inviting ambiance of Santo Coffee Co. in Seattle, WA. Here, we explore the creative expression of three individual artists, Kari Bachle (@GraceRemembered) and Mikhail Ghyvoronsky (Santo Coffee Co., Seattle WA) and myself.


With every note on the lovely Yamaha C7 grand piano, every stroke of Kari's colorful watercolor art, and every step of Mikhail’s coffee creation process, we savor each unique element, and how they beautifully harmonize all together in this message of POIÉMA.


It has been a longtime dream of mine to collaborate with creatives like this, and to take POIÉMA beyond the borders of the piano!

Through sharing this music, I wish to celebrate how God has masterfully created each of us in His image. Friend, YOU and I reflect the glory of our loving Potter, and we are each given unique talents and abilities that our world needs us to express!

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And now, I'd like to introduce you to my friend, Kari Bachle! Together, we'd like to share how YOU can bring POIÉMA into your own home and creative zone!



bring this message home!

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In a music video, the artist usually aims to provide viewers with an outside-in view of their art, like watching through a window.


However, for this particular project, POIÉMA, I'm trying to turn this window into a mirror, where I hope you'll look at your own gifts and think about how YOU are designed!


Through sharing this special music video and the entire album of Poiéma | stories from the piano, I wish to celebrate how God has masterfully created each of us in His image.




Bring this entire album of relaxing solo piano music to your own world this week! Simply search KELSEY LEE CATE in your favorite online streaming platform.

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