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(Released Jan 2020)

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Kelsey Lee Cate’s debut release offers a sublime collection of piano solos, full of wisdom, depth, and emotion. It is a rewarding listen from start to finish, with memorable melodies and passionate performances.

Michael Gettel

Narada Recording Artist

Not often does a young artist come into Piano Haven Studio to record their first album and impress me as Kelsey did. Her command, touch, fluid dynamics, free-flowing creativity and strong melodic cores scream "the real deal" to me. She has "a sound"... "her sound", which I believe is destined to be heard, loved and remembered.

Joe Bongiorno

Shigeru Kawai Artist

Owner of Piano Haven Recording Studio - Sedona, AZ

Poiéma | stories from the piano is the debut album by Kelsey Lee Cate, and what an auspicious beginning it is! …I will go so far as to say it’s one of, if not THE, best debut albums I’ve heard this year…and consists of twelve original piano solos played with grace, sincerity and heartfelt expression… Where’s that “repeat” button??? … Kelsey Lee Cate [is] an artist I look forward to following.

Kathy Parsons

 I wasn’t familiar with the term, Poiéma. Its definition of “workmanship” or “what has been made” in a divine manner, perfectly suits this lovely album by Kelsey... The title track, in fact, says it all; a spirited and exquisite composition that flows effortlessly on air with her delicate touch and beautiful changes throughout that keep the song transcending. There is a sense of positivity that emanates from song to song, even in the minor keys, for a very rewarding listening experience. Kelsey certainly keeps it interesting, exhibiting a very light touch when playing up-tempo with a highly skilled flair, or with a subtle touch on the slower songs that draws you in…She is able to paint pictures and emotions with her keys and sweep you away so effortlessly. It’s a beautiful debut and masterpiece, well worthy of its title. 

Leroy Henry

Senior Music Supervisor


I want to preface this review by saying I’ve always been in the music business, and I’m exposed to music daily. Hearing something fresh and innovative doesn’t happen often. When I first noticed that this album was categorized as New Age, I had a preconception in mind before listening: pretty music that meanders through different moods. However, Kelsey Cate’s album, Poiéma, is so much more. This is truly a beautiful album, skillfully and intelligently composed and executed with as much heart as I’ve ever heard. The subtitle, “Stories from the Piano,” is aptly stated. The melodies are astoundingly lyrical—so vocal, in fact—it’s hard to believe it’s a solo piano album. You can easily imagine lyrics and stories, as Kelsey’s subtitle suggests. Additionally, you can hear rich elements of Jazz, Pop, Chopin, Debussy—all blended into Kelsey’s unique soulful sound. Her phrasing is sophisticated and deliberate, and she draws from a deep harmonic understanding, which enhances the music in much more intriguing colors than I’ve ever heard in this genre—not to mention her well-developed rhythmic abilities. This album is incredibly well conceived. The intention behind the music is striking. It’s a captivating journey through very well-articulated emotions. Though Kelsey Cate’s album could make fabulous background music, I highly recommend listening intently and purposefully. If you do, you will no doubt be carried to a better place, and you likely will feel things you haven’t felt in a long time.

Ben Klinger

Sales Manager

Classic Pianos (Bellevue, WA)

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