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Meet Artist, Kari Bachle

Kari is a multitalented visual artist based in the PNW!


In POIÉMA, she created this lovely watercolor painting that captured the essence of the message of this video.

FIND and FOLLOW Kari on Instagram and Etsy: @GraceRemembered.

Check out this little video to see Kari + Kelsey chat!


Kari and I have created a very special opportunity for you to OWN a beautiful autographed print of the watercolor art that she painted in POIÉMA! 

We'd like to invite you to bring this special piece of POIÉMA into YOUR creative zone, and let it remind you of your own unique design and mission. It's time to develop and release your gifts!! If not now, when?

This collaboration is a limited-time opportunity, so please order while you can! 

This would also make a wonderfully-meaningful gift. Please SHARE this inspiring message of
POIÉMA with someone you love!


3_Poiema overlay.jpeg

and in case you haven't seen the full video yet...

This is a living, breathing illustration of Kelsey's heart behind creating her album, Poiéma | stories from the piano.

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