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From Seattle to Germany...

A special musical Christmas gift opportunity for you! 


Meet Christoph Pagel in Kelsey Lee Cate's latest CREATE LIKE YOU Podcast interview, and JOIN both of these independent artists as they share their art with you in a special way this holiday season!

now thru the end of December 2022!

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meet my friend, Christoph Pagel!

Christoph Pagel is a talented pianist friend of mine from Berlin, Germany. His work is beautiful, and it's such fun to introduce him to YOU.  Together, we thought it would be a fun idea to pull together an offer of our original work to share with YOU in time for the holidays this December. We are offering these bundles below with a significant discount in hopes that these CDs (yes, physical CDs!!) might make it into more homes, lives, and personal stories of our friends and families. 

I have Christoph's albums in my studio, and we didn't want that to stop Christoph from personalizing them for YOU! Please let us know who you'd like us to address in our autographs, and we'll include a personalized, handwritten personal note from Christoph just for you and your loved ones, all the way from Berlin. :) 

This gets even more exciting, friends! Christoph has recorded a few snippets of him playing these songs from his piano at home! WATCH THESE SHORT VIDEOS BELOW to sample Christoph's beautiful melodies. It's important to mention that on the album recordings, Christoph has also included cello and other additional instrumentation, but he's only playing the piano in these short video vignettes. I also encourage you to find his work on your favorite streaming platform!